Public Notices

Municipality of Marmora and Lake Ratepayers COUNCIL MEETINGS

The Council of the Municipality of Marmora and Lake would like to advise that due to renovations taking place at the Municipal office located at 12 Bursthall Street, effective May 18, 2017 Council Meetings will take place at the Deloro Hall located at 20 Deloro Street in the village of Deloro.

Please be further advised that the municipal office will remain open during renovations. The entrance to the Municipal Office will temporarily be located at the back of the building.

For inquiries regarding the above notice, please contact:

Tonia Bennett, Municipal Clerk
(613) 472-2629 Ext. 2221


Typhany Choinard, CAO
(613) 472-2629 Ext. 2227

2017 Municipal Taxes

Please be advised that the 2017 Interim Tax Bills will be circulated in the mail in late February.  Final Tax Bills will be placed in the mail in July.

Interim Tax Installment dates for the 2017 year are as follows:
March 27, 2017- First Installment
May 25, 2017- Second Installment 

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