Crowe Lake Sunset (800x600)

Dickey Lake
Located in the Municipality of Marmora and Lake Dickey Lake is a great vacation spot.  There are facilities and cottage rentals and great fishing. Fish found in Dickey Lake are lake trout, small mouth bass, and rock bass. Boat Launches Available.

Tangamong Lake
Tangamon Lake is a lake in Hastings County, at the easternmost end of the Kawartha Lakes chain.  It is also part of the Crowe River Conservation Region.  Tangamong Lake is host to a variety of fish species, including: large and small mouth bass, walleye, northern pike, perch, bluegill and musky.  Tangamong is fed by the Crowe River to the North and Troutling Bay in the West.  Boat Launch Available. Types of fish found in the lake are walleye, north pike, yellow perch, musky, small and large mouth bass.

 Whetstone Lake
Whetstone Lake is in Hastings County.  Tangamong flows into Whetstone via a small waterfall and then the flow carries on through the Crowe River. Fish in the lake include walleye,  musky, small and large mouth bass.

Crowe Lake
Crowe Lake is in located in the municipality of Marmora and Lake.  There are many cottages and rental places on the lake.  There are also two family parks Booster Park and Glen Allan Park that have camping facilities for travelers.Boat Launches Available at Booster Park. The types of fish found I the lake are Walleye, North Pike, Small & Large Mouth Bass, Rock Bass,Yellow Perch, Black Crappie, Pimpkinseed Sunfish, Brown Bullhead

Crowe River
The Crowe River is a river in eastern Ontario, which flows south from Paudash Lake near Bancroft, through Crowe Lake near Marmora and continues south to join the Trent River north of Campbellford.  At one time, the river was used to transport logs down to sawmills at Marmora.  The river powers several small hydroelectric generating stations. Boat Launch Available

Thanet Lake
Thanet Lake is sandwiched between highway 28 to the north and 62 to the east.  There are few cottages along the shore of Thanet Lake and the lake remains undeveloped for the most part.  There are no developed facilities available at Thanet Lake but rustic Crown Land camping is certainly possible.  Supplies could be found in the town of Apsley. No Boat Launches. The lake has small and large mouth bass and lake trout.