Economic Development

Marmora and Lake’s Economic Development’s primary goal is to assist new and existing businesses to thrive. The office provides detailed and current information to businesses wanting to make informed decisions and links local businesses to valuable resources. The Economic Development Office also supports community development through event planning and tourism opportunities.  We incorporate our economic development and tourism goals as we believe that tourism is a driving economic force for rural communities in Eastern Ontario.


Top  Reasons for doing Business in Marmora and Lake

  1. An affordable place to live and work, Marmora and Lake has the lowest residential and commercial taxes within all of Hastings County.
  2. Our beautiful parks, pristine waterways and small town charm make Marmora a lovely place to call home.
  3. Our downtown core is located directly off of Provincial Highway 7, a well-travelled highway that links Ottawa and Toronto.
  4. Full-time Economic Development staff can assist business owners and residents with applying for grants, locating valuable business resources, getting to know the community, and more!
  5. Downtown Marmora is home to META employment services which can help residents locate work, acquire high school credits and prepare for post-secondary education.
  6.  Our community practices the “Buy Locally Owned” movement which promotes purchasing locally produced products. Our thriving Farmers’ Market is one example of this.

The Municipality of Marmora and Lake works closely with Hastings County. Visit for information on investment strategies and more.  Marmora and Lake is a member of Ontario East Economic Development.

For further information contact:

Jenn Bennett – Tourism and Economic Development Coordinator
Municipality of Marmora and Lake