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Media Release


Crowe Valley Conservation Authority

70 Hughes Lane, Marmora, ON K0K 2M0

Date of Issue: 5 August 2016


CVCA Low Water Response Team Declares Low Water Level One



MARMORA – The Crowe Valley Low Water Response Team (LWRT)  has reviewed current watershed conditions with Crowe Valley Conservation Authority staff.   As a result, the Team has declared a Low Water Level One condition effective immediately.


A review of the low water thresholds for flows and precipitation in the Crowe Valley watershed indicates a necessity to make the Level One declaration.  Current averages for precipitation has fallen below the historical three month average of 80%.  A precipitation gauge in the northern portion of the watershed has recorded a 73.7% average and the southern gauge is at 65%.  Flow rates are also being observed below the threshold of 70%.


The CVCA LWRT encourages a voluntary 10% reduction in water use across the Crowe Valley watershed. Everyone can do their part in cutting back water consumption by not watering lawns, fixing leaky faucets, taking shorter showers, not washing the driveway or car and reducing non-essential uses of water while the Low Water Level One is in effect. Reducing water consumption in the CVCA watershed now will help reduce the risk of declaring more severe Low Water Level declarations as the hot, dry summer continues.  If the watershed does not receive rainfall adding up to significant totals in the near future, the LWRT will convene to consider upgrading to a Level Two or Level Three condition.


Water users are encouraged to monitor conditions and watch for advisories throughout the summer season. Everyone plays a role in cooperating to preserve water supply and protect the environment.


CVCA staff will continue to monitor rainfall and streamflow data and keep the public informed of any changes in watershed conditions through their website (, media, municipal newsletters, and social media (


Contact:  Tim Pidduck ( or Neil McConkey (, Crowe Valley Conservation Authority, 613-472-3137