Committees of Council/Officers

Community Services Members: Judy Durbatch

Cemetery Members: Judy Durbatch, Tonia Bennett (non voting), Paul Speight, Judy Backus, Sandra Morton(non Voting) and Jon McConnell (non voting Honorary Consulting Member)

CHFHT Members: Linda Bracken

Centre & South Hastings Recycling Members: Mike Stevens

Community Policing Advisory Committee Members: Judy Durbatch

County Council Representative Members: Terry Clemens, Linda Bracken (alternate)

CVCA Representative Members: Sandy Fraser

Committe of Adjustment (Planning) Members: Council

Deloro Cleanup Members: Mike Stevens

Environmental Services Members: Mike Stevens

Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) Members: Mike Stevens,  Richard Lowery, Norma Crofts

Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month – William Shannon Room
Environmental Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Economic Development/Tourism Committee Members: Sandy Fraser, Megan abraham(non voting), Paul Payer, Richard Lowery, Ron Ireland, Leigh Nash, Sue Heath, Ritch Smith

Meetings: 4th Monday monthly at 10am held at the Community Centre.  Contact 613-472-1515

Economic Development Committee Terms of Reference

EOTA Representative Members: Terry Clemens, Megan Abraham (Non Voting)

Emergency Measures Committee Members: Typhany Choinard(non-voting), Terry Clemens (and alternate, Linda Bracken) Tony Brownson (Non Voting)

Fire Linda Bracken

Health  and Accessibility Committee Members: Sue Cuddy, Jean Shannon, Jackie Fraser, Cindy Brandt, Brian Webber,  Linda Bracken, Megan Abraham(non-voting), Barb McCaw, Lucas Cuddy

Meetings: 3rd Monday monthly at 10:30 am held at Caressant Care.

Health and Accessibility Committee Terms of Reference

Library Board Members: Judy Durbatch, Barri Struth,  Pierre Chabot, Mary Skocic, Joyce McCaw

Marmora Medical Centre Advisory Committee Members: Terry Clemens, Linda Bracken, Typhany Choinard (Non Voting) , Dr. Holawaty

Personnel Members: Linda Bracken, Terry Clemens, Typhany Choinard (non-voting)

Property Standards Appeals (Planning) Members: Council

Quinte/MRCA Representative Members: Sandy Fraser

Transportation Services Members: Linda Bracken, Terry Clemens

Snofest Members: Judy Durbatch and Appointees

Waste/Recycling Mike Stevens