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Marmora and Lake Council Preserving History

June 26th 2015

Marmora and Lake Council are working to preserve and promote the rich heritage of the community. Recently a wonderful collection of history was offered to the Municipality of Marmora and Lake from Mr. Gerald Belanger. “The municipality is honoured to receive this historical collection” stated Mayor Clemens. The collection will be stored at Town Hall in a designated room and the public are encouraged to view it when we receive it.


The Municipality of Marmora and Lake also recognizes that the Marmora Historical Foundation is a great asset and resource to the community. With the closure of TD Canada Trust and the unknown future of the building they call home the municipality has extended an offer to utilize the Marmora Wolf Station located on Cameron St. The 2015 budget provides for several upgrades to the facility that would make it a suitable location for the Marmora Historical Foundation.


The historic Town Hall is a building that is treasured by the community and renovations are being planned to preserve the history of the building. “We want to continue to use historic Town Hall as our central place of business. It’s a beautiful building that showcases the history of our community. It is not our intention to change that” stated Mayor Clemens. There are currently some structural problems with the building that need to be addressed to ensure the building remains viable. Planned renovations include concrete pad and insulation under front floor, insulating walls, accessibility features on lower level and new windows on upper and lower levels. The only proposed change to the upper hall is windows. The office staff will be relocated to the upper level during renovations, likely to be scheduled for the spring of 2016.


To date there have been many upgrades made to the building including roof repairs, front entrance upgrades, refinished floor upstairs, and accessibility improvements. All past renovations have ensured that the heritage features of the building remain preserved.


The historic Town Hall is open to the public. It is used for public events and meetings where appropriate. “We do encourage citizens to consider all of our municipal venues when planning events. Each event has its own unique needs and staffing requirements” stated Mayor Clemens. If you are interested in utilizing a municipal venue, please contact the Municipal Office for more information and to discuss which venue may be most suitable to fit your requirements.


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Terry Clemens, Mayor

Municipality of Marmora and Lake